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Athletic Training

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Training room American River College is proud of its athletic training services and facilities. ARC athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Athletic trainers diligently manage everything from musculoskeletal injuries/condition to heat illness to concussions,  just to name a few. One of the primary objectives of the athletic trainers is to evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate injuries in order to return the injured student athlete back to full activity as quickly and safely as possible. The Athletic Training Facility is a place where student athletes can receive consistent care on a daily basis.



About the Program

Training room

American River College Athletic Training Facility not only provides quality medical care to the student athletes, but also is an educational facility.  American River College is a clinical site for California State University, Sacramento undergraduate Athletic Training Program, Northern Arizona University and University of Pacific MSAT programs, as well  as ARC students who are interested in athletic training.  As a clinical site ARC provides students who are majoring in athletic training the opportunity to gain knowledge and hands on experience in the field. Athletic Trainers Gil Bejarano, Michelle Whitehead and Ryan Smith are Preceptors that oversee the athletic training students during their rotation at ARC. The volume of athletes and the variety of sports that are at ARC give the athletic training students the valuable experience needed to succeed in their chosen profession.



Training room

The classes offered are:

KINES 330: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
KINES 334: Practical Applications in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine

The athletic trainers are also involved with the Fitness Certificate Program offered at American River College:

KINES 404: Identification and Management of Fitness Injuries



Athlete Medical Clearance

American River College Medical Clearance is completed online through our injury tracking system ATS.  In order to become medically cleared to play your sport please click the link below that corresponds to you.

New or Non-Los Rios Transfer Athletes

New/Transfer Athletic Medical Clearance Instructions

Video Tutorial:

Returning or Los Rios Transfer Athletes

Returning Athletic Medical Clearance Instructions

Video Tutorial:



If a student or student-athlete is interested in becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer, American River College offers a transfer degree program in sports medicine. Click here for more information.